Why Do We Get Seasonal Allergies & How to Resolve Seasonal Allergies

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itchy eyes runny nose sneezing congestion
yes tis the season for seasonal allergies it is here again my friends so
in today’s video I am going to share with you some reasons behind why it’s
happening and some things that you can do about it in a natural way hey
everyone this is Stephanie from fast track to health wellness center welcome
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up-to-date on the latest in natural health wellness and weight loss so in
today’s video I want to talk to you about seasonal allergies I know lots of
patients who are suffering this time of year today I’m gonna give you some
insights onto why that’s happening as with everything in the natural world
we’re trying to figure out well what’s the root cause why is this thing
happening in the first place instead of just running out and taking something to
cover it up let’s figure out why it could be happening so one of the main
reasons for allergies comes down to what’s going on in your gut
most of our immune system is within our gut at least 70% so if you have issues
with your gut chances are you’re going to be more susceptible to having
allergies overall whether it’s seasonal allergies food allergies any type of
allergy in general so you really have to look to the gut so one part of this is
intestinal permeability or leaky gut this is a very common occurrence that
many people have due to a variety of factors from medicinal overuse or bad
dietary habits or stress there’s lots of reasons for leaky gut but this
contributes to the immune system being not as strong and also to eventually
having seasonal allergies or allergies overall so anytime you can enhance your
gut you’re gonna really help your allergies ok another concept involved in
this is histamine reactions obviously that’s what’s happening when you have
allergies your histamine reactions are strong and you get the symptoms so a lot
of that too is foods that have a lot of histamine in them or the body has a
difficult time clearing the histamines so it’s it’s more than one concept
avoiding histamine foods or foods that are high in histamine
could also be very beneficial one of the main foods that are high in histamines
are aged or fermented foods and I know they have a lot of benefits because you
hear about that all the time about the probiotic benefits of them but if you’re
having a problem with histamine and allergies you may need to avoid those
for a while and then on the other side of the coin just to help the leaky gut
overall you need to avoid foods that are inflammatory so there’s lots of foods
out there that could be causing gut reactions and causing inflammation now
this is going to vary from person to person but some of the big culprits in
the inflammation department with food are things like gluten and grains dairy
products especially pasteurized dairy sugar even alcohol and then in addition
to the alcohol part if you’re drinking wine the sulfates and the wine also can
contribute to the whole histamine reaction avoiding foods that are big
triggers for inflammation is really really critical and then on the
supplement side well actually before I get to that another thing you can
actually add into your diet to enhance the reaction to the allergies is local
honey this also will help you with the seasonal part just get some honey that’s
local to your region it’s sort of a remedy that has been used for a long
time and it’s very very beneficial so now in our clinic we do a combination of
things we use dietary approach and we use supplements and we use acupuncture
so let’s get into the supplements first we use a company called standard process
mostly and many herb so on the standard process side we use a product called an
tronex which is a natural antihistamine that works by helping the liver clear
out the histamine so that’s sort of the mechanism of how it works and it works
really good actually and then sometimes we use along with that a product called
cow ammo which is an acidifier and believe it or not acidifying your body
can sometimes be beneficial especially for allergies so the combination of
those two is really really good together and then on the herbal side for many
herb we use a product called Albizia complex which contains three herbs
Chinese skullcap feverfew and Albizia this also is great for
geez overall not just seasonal allergies any type of allergy or histamine
response so these are three of the main products that we use sometimes combined
sometimes separately and then for people who come into our clinic we use
acupuncture very frequently because that acupuncture can immediately give you
relief especially to your sinuses if you are having a trouble breathing you can
immediately get relief from an acupuncture treatment and be able to
breathe better again and it helps overall by boosting the immune system
increasing blood flow so acupuncture overall is very beneficial
so regular treatments around allergy season is a really good way to keep
allergies away or prevent them so we highly recommend if you have an
acupuncturist nearby that you try that in addition to the dietary approach all
right guys I want to hear from you now please let me know what you do for your
seasonal allergies also if you have any ideas for further videos please let me
know in the comment section below and I look forward to seeing you next time
again if you’re new to the channel please consider subscribing and I will
see you soon take care you

6 thoughts on “Why Do We Get Seasonal Allergies & How to Resolve Seasonal Allergies

  1. Ugh my allergies are already starting! I had no idea acupuncture could help with this. The more I learn about it, the more I want to try it! Thanks for sharing this!

  2. I didn't know anything could be done for allergies other than things like OTC remedies. I've had seasonal allergies and a ridiculous amount of food & pet allergies for as long as I can remember, I absolutely need to look into these solutions!

  3. As always, great information. Every once in a while I get a severe histamine reaction to certain foods. Antronex has really helped block this histamine response!

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