Why is it so hard to cure cancer? – Kyuson Yun

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Why is it so difficult to cure cancer? We’ve harnessed electricity, sequenced the human genome, and eradicated small pox. But after billions of dollars in research, we haven’t found a solution for a disease
that affects more than 14 million people and their families at any given time. Cancer arises as normal cells
accumulate mutations. Most of the time,
cells can detect mutations or DNA damage and either fix them or self destruct. However, some mutations allow cancerous
cells to grow unchecked and invade nearby tissues, or even metastasize to distant organs. Cancers become almost incurable
once they metastasize. And cancer is incredibly complex. It’s not just one disease. There are more than 100 different types and we don’t have a magic bullet
that can cure all of them. For most cancers, treatments usually include
a combination of surgery to remove tumors and radiation and chemotherapy
to kill any cancerous cells left behind. Hormone therapies, immunotherapy, and targeted treatments tailored
for a specific type of cancer are sometimes used, too. In many cases,
these treatments are effective and the patient becomes cancer-free. But they’re very far from 100% effective
100% of the time. So what would we have to do to find cures
for all the different forms of cancer? We’re beginning to understand a few
of the problems scientists would have to solve. First of all, we need new, better ways
of studying cancer. Most cancer treatments are developed
using cell lines grown in labs from cultures of human tumors. These cultured cells have given us
critical insights about cancer genetics and biology, but they lack much of the complexity
of a tumor in an actual living organism. It’s frequently the case that new drugs,
which work on these lab-grown cells, will fail in clinical trials
with real patients. One of the complexities
of aggressive tumors is that they can have multiple populations
of slightly different cancerous cells. Over time, distinct genetic mutations
accumulate in cells in different parts of the tumor,
giving rise to unique subclones. For example, aggressive brain tumors
called glioblastomas can have as many as six different
subclones in a single patient. This is called clonal heterogeneity, and it makes treatment difficult because
a drug that works on one subclone may have no effect on another. Here’s another challenge. A tumor is a dynamic
interconnected ecosystem where cancer cells constantly
communicate with each other and with healthy cells nearby. They can induce normal cells to form
blood vessels that feed the tumor and remove waste products. They can also interact
with the immune system to actually suppress its function, keeping it from recognizing
or destroying the cancer. If we could learn how to shut down
these lines of communication, we’d have a better shot at vanquishing
a tumor permanently. Additionally, mounting evidence suggests we’ll need to figure out how to eradicate
cancer stem cells. These are rare but seem
to have special properties that make them resistant
to chemotherapy and radiation. In theory, even if the rest of the tumor
shrinks beyond detection during treatment, a single residual cancer stem cell
could seed the growth of a new tumor. Figuring out how to target
these stubborn cells might help prevent cancers
from coming back. Even if we solved those problems,
we might face new ones. Cancer cells are masters of adaptation, adjusting their molecular and cellular
characteristics to survive under stress. When they’re bombarded by radiation
or chemotherapy, some cancer cells can effectively
switch on protective shields against whatever’s attacking them
by changing their gene expression. Malignant cancers are complex systems
that constantly evolve and adapt. To defeat them, we need to find
experimental systems that match their complexity, and monitoring and treatment options
that can adjust as the cancer changes. But the good news is
we’re making progress. Even with all we don’t know, the average mortality rate
for most kinds of cancer has dropped significantly since the 1970s
and is still falling. We’re learning more every day, and each new piece of information gives
us one more tool to add to our arsenal.

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  1. Cancer is an extremely difficult disease, and the only hope we have to cure it is to understand it. If you'd like to get up to speed on where we are in this journey, the book we recommend at the end of this video is a great place to start. You can download a free audiobook at http://adbl.co/2gauxND. And for even more book recs from our team, visit http://bit.ly/2wKOs9c.

  2. This TED-Ex video lecture quickly eradicates all the stigmas related to the all-powerful disease and actually makes its audience hopeful for the upcoming medical developments. Instead of pandering to the emotional trauma of many people who have been through or have encountered patients with cancer, this video makes it clear that there is no truth to the supposition that cancer is incurable by presenting arguments and data that could be traced back to their original point of reference.

  3. This TED-Ex video lecture quickly eradicates all the stigmas related to the all-powerful disease and actually makes its audience hopeful for the upcoming medical developments. Instead of pandering to the emotional trauma of many people who have been through or have encountered patients with cancer, this video makes it clear that there is no truth to the supposition that cancer is incurable by presenting arguments and data that could be traced back to their original point of reference.

  4. It's the growth hormones in our food and chemical pollutants in our air. We have got to start living more organically.

    And, of course, certain anti-carcinogens have been made illegal, taking away our first line of defense.

  5. I just lost my granpa because of cancer yesterday… seeing this video is painful.. because i cant do anything to help..

  6. Because youre cancer is yours only ever hear of DNA and genes….. so what works for you will not work for someone else. As a rule…

  7. smoke pot they're finding that the cbd' in weed are killing cancer cells. lots of cancer in my family…i don't have it . been smoking weed since 1976. i'm 58 and feel like i'm 25

  8. Cos while they were healthy, they didnt drink green tea and have healthy foods, instead they are eating junk food, no wonder cancer wont reduced

  9. This is the reason I got into studying medicine. To finally defeat a seemingly undefeatable disease. To help millions of people that are starting to lose their hope after one chemo after the other. And eventually, to be able to say "We just found a cure for cancer" one day. And of course, to get that cure out to everyone – no matter who they are, where they come from and how much money they have. Because life is not a matter of personality.

  10. To be honest if only a cancer cell would merge with my normal cells increasing regenerative abilities and allowing me to live forever in some case but I'm just a kid :p

  11. Cancer is not difficult to cure, what is difficult to cure is the greediness of the pharmaceutical system which is feeding of the massive amount of money paid by the cancer patients.

  12. As a clinical pharmacist, I really do believe the clinical scientist over the last decade has been taking the wrong path. We have effective treatment for cancer. The biggest problem is that we find cancer too late. We need to develop an easily available diagnostic methods that people can use, so that they can find out right away when they have cancer. For example take a diagnostic medication that will interact preferably with cancer cells and the urine color will change because of the after product etc etc.

  13. Cancer and all other deadly dieseases unfortunately is a God send thing where it kills people to help bring balance to the planets life cycle. With people living longer and dieseases being cured or managed we are depleting and killing our planet at a much faster rate due to over population. And this is how the Lord works in mysterious ways.

  14. People always say why would a loving do this to them or people suffering from cancer or other dieseases. Allow me to let you know why this is. The Lord is a loving God and in doing so he dosent just luv humans he loves this whole planet and everything in it and when he see humans disrupting the normal balance of life by living longer and eradicating dieseases he send other ones to try and restore that balance because if we all live longer and keep reproducing we are gonna kill God's planet. And this is what needs to be taught to everyone.

  15. Cancer is so hard to cure because systems that are designed to 'cure' cancer don't discuss things to patients like autophagy and diet. If most people were aware of these things cancer would be slowed down or prevented in a larger pecentage of the population.

  16. The amount of money that goes into the procedure to cure cancer per year is the reason why they don't want to find the cure

  17. Guys cancer is curable. The pharmaceutical companies want us to stay sick so we can keep paying them for medicine that won’t cure that issue but will suppress or stimulate it so you can control the pain or condition. Eventually you’ll go back asking for more. Look up dr sebi he cured aids cancer diabetes etc with natural herbs and raw diet/fasting. Cancer has been cured for hundreds of years but the government want us to believe there isn’t a cure for cancer so we can continue to buy medicine.if you don’t want to suffer from disease. I recommend fasting a couple times a year and living off natural organic raw vegan foods because that’s what our ancestors ate and we are also meant to consume.

  18. i’ve always thought that there is a cure for cancer but they make more money treating patients with cancer . sad part about this world .

  19. We should consider how modern a disease it is. Before the food was poisoned with chemicals it was much less common. Our food is our primary concern for quality health. A healthy body can endure a higher exposure to toxins. The same seems to be evident in the rise of Autism yet Mennonite communities have very low rates of cancer and Autism. Less exposure to electrical radiation better foods etc. Ancient Egyptians too. Years ago other diseases and natural predators and wars were more common causes of death than cancer was.

  20. Cancer is big money. Why cure something that so many jobs depend on. Saw on the news they did have something for it for $32,000 a month so you know insurance companies will let you die for that cost. Cancer treatment centers are popping up like mushrooms so they can't let them and the jobs they support go.

  21. My husband had stage 4 Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Diffuse Large B Cell (such long winded) and he is in full remission!!! We just hit 1 year and 5 months!!!

  22. "Humans: cancer's biggest killer." – a bus stop ad in the UK.

    Gave me a little hope for those suffering in the future.

  23. Can’t all cancer patients just eliminate all sugar from their diet in order to kill all cancer cells!?? Sugar is fuel for such malignant cells?

  24. Sounds like a fungus, or mold.
    There are different kinds of fungus. Edible ones, and toxic ones. So, if you can find a way to kill or eliminate all fungus, good or bad, then that will be the solution to kill cancers, which is a mold or fungus of a different type.

  25. Basically you gotta eat healthy exercise regularly and live a stress free life to be free of cancer.

    It's not a 100% sure method of staying away from it but it sure is close to 100%.

  26. There might already be a cure for cancer. But it wont be revealed because there is more money made in treating patients than actually curing them.

  27. At 1:54 exactly I come to the realization that nothing concerning diet. Cancer or disease in general wouldn't even exist if we ate what we were supposed to as frugivores

  28. We are what we eat literally and so if you ate a so called vegan diet you would be on the human diet and not the "vegan" diet. Check out an association called wild fit if you find this interesting,they have a masterclass with mind valley online

  29. What causes so much cancer these days? Is it the radiation and carbon monoxide humans have polluted the earth with? I think that detonating thousands of nuclear bombs over the decades is a primal reason, but I’m not sure what else contributes.

  30. It's because cancer cell is stealing our nutritions that we got in our foods so its hard to cure. Thats all I know. thanks for information :>>

  31. We have found the cure already but doctors and the government is making so much money from kemo they don’t wanna release it 🤦🏾‍♀️ #NipseyHustle

  32. Fda & big pharma suppress cancer treatment due to profits. Treating means less profit. They want you to suffer the longest duration for max profit

  33. इतनी अच्छी जानकारी हिंदी में मिल जाए तो आपका उपकार हो

  34. What if we modify some virus to target cancer cell? I mean we all know that we can now genitically engineered certain type of dna.

  35. Government and pharmaceutical companies are the real cancer, a cure has been around for decades immunotherapy is just 1 that works on a few cancers also we don’t get the nutrients in the food we eat now days so yea more people get cancer….. we all have cancer it just depends what activates it, I’m living with a form of limphoma cancer for the last 3.5 years was given 5 years to live so far I’m ok I have around 30 or so tumours around my body so far they are not attached to any organs so it’s possible my body will live with them for who knows how long by eating better foods etc some of them have shrunk some are gone one day at a time the body is an amazing machine feed it what it needs to fight not what kills it… it’s a journey that some of us go through and I sure do have a greater appreciation for many things in life until your faced with something like this it’s hard to understand.

  36. Surely there has to be better resolutions for most cancers. The fact that "treatment" generates trillions of dollars a year for pharmaceutical companies there seems little motivation for them to Cure cancer.

    For those battling this horror… You're the real heros. Not singers, actors, sports stars etc but you guys.

  37. I wonder if we treat cancer cells like the cells they were trying to replace or become. If a cancer cell is meant to be a skin cell, why not treat it like any skin cell yet a "special" skin cell. It is as though it was a baby growing inside a person except it is everywhere all at once instead of being in the womb. I don't mean cancer is benign or something but would it be easier to "remove" and treat if it was like a certain specific bunch of cells it is trying to be.
    Edit: 2:00 It seems this method is already being done.

  38. The Bible or word of God tell us why… (Sin) no matter how many skepticals rejects this.. the cure is " Jesus " that's why medicine hasn't find cure to illness.

  39. Cancer inside each and everyone of us unfortunately it attack’s us all differently that’s why it’s so hard to treat, but also the conspiracy theory is that it’s a great at population control.

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