Why is severe asthma so hard to treat?

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Severe asthma is a huge problem and the patients, they are persistently symptomatic, they have recurrent asthma attacks despite taking a lot of treatment. It’s a big problem for the health community and health economically. About sixty per cent of the cost of asthma borne by the five to ten per cent of patients with more severe disease, and there are new options for patients with severe asthma. There are new treatments that in the right patient have a big impact so it is a hugely important topic. One of the difficulties in severe asthma because patients are highly symptomatic they accumulate more and more and more treatment, and we think in this group of patients they might be on more than they need. No one likes to do treatment unnecessarily but there’s another dimension here and that if their steroids don’t work well what does work? And rather than keep giving them treatment that’s achieving little, we need to start thinking about new options for this group of patients.

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