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Hi I’m Dr. Daniel Aronov and today we ask:
why is everyone allergic to peanuts all of a sudden? In the year 2000, the American Academy of Paediatrics issued recommendations that peanuts should be avoided during pregnancy, breast
feeding and until the child reaches 3 years of age These recommendation were made in an attempt to stop the rise in allergy among children But peanut allergies have quadrupled since then and new evidence suggests that they couldn’t have been more wrong! See, In 2008 researchers discovered that Jewish kids in London were 10 times more likely to have a peanut allergy than Jewish kids in Israel Even despite having similar genetic backgrounds The authors did a thorough investigation to find out which factor was causing this massive difference Their conclusion? This. See, while babies in London were avoiding
peanuts to comply with the guidelines, Israeli babies were munching on this peanut snack It’s called “Bamba” and it’s commonly
given to babies in Israel at an average age of 7 months old The discovery of this association was a bit of a game changer, and it lead researchers to conduct a famous randomized controlled
trial called the LEAP trial The study randomized 640 babies aged between 4-11
months who were at high risk of developing peanut allergy One group were fed Bamba three times per week
and the other group avoided peanuts all together At 5 years of age, they were tested for peanut
allergies In the group that avoided any peanuts, 17%
had developed a peanut allergy In the group that were given peanuts at an
early age, only 3% became allergic So giving peanuts to kids in their first year of life actually reduces the chance of developing an allergy by 80% The authors suggested that the recommendation to avoid peanuts probably caused this whole peanut allergy epidemic Stay tuned for an upcoming video which will
shed light on another important factor which seems to be contributing to the allergy epidemic Why hay fever, asthma, eczema and other allergies
are all increasing so rapidly. It’s actually really interesting.

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