Why Use Essential Oils: Stay Healthy with a Vibrant Inhaler

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(chiming music) – Hey I’m Andrea Butje. Welcome to my Aromahead
Institute YouTube channel. I wanna show you how to
make a really refreshing and uplifting inhaler that
is for staying healthy and for feeling really vibrant. And so you might choose this
inhaler if you are traveling, or you’re in maybe a stressful time. Maybe it’s winter and a lot
of people are getting sick and you’re trying to really stay healthy. Maybe you work around a lot
of kids that get sick a lot. Whatever it might be, this
is one of those inhalers that you keep in your pocket. And any time where you feel like, hmm I might be getting sick,
or I don’t wanna get sick, that’s the time to use it. Alright, so let’s use
this nice white inhaler, and here’s the little cotton part. I’m just gonna put it right in there, and then we’re just gonna drop the essential oil drops right into here. So we’re using three
essential oils in this blend. We’re using laurel leaf,
saro, and ravintsara. Okay, so the laurel leaf, we’re gonna use six drops of that. And this is what, one of the oils that’s gonna really help
you open up your breath and it’s gonna be very
emotionally uplifting as well. And I just love the aroma of it and there we go, six. And I love the way it smells
with the saro and ravintsara. The saro, in case you’re
not familiar with it, both saro and the ravintsara
were distilled in Madagascar. And it is a lot like eucalyptus, except it’s just a touch softer. And it opens up your sinuses right away and it’s great for reducing infection, and congestion, stuffiness. Okay so we’re gonna put in our drops. Okay perfect. And then we’re gonna put in
four drops of ravintsara. And the ravintsara and the
saro are kinda similar. They really compliment each
other, again from Madagascar, again really good at reducing
infection, congestion. Um, I like this for sinus
headaches or tightness. So we’ll go ahead and put in four drops. One more, there we go, okay. And, that smell is just
so good, I really love it. And I’m gonna put a little cap on. I have a little purple cap, and I love kinda interchanging these. So there’s a white cap that’s
supposed to go on this, and obviously this is
supposed on a purple one, but I like how it looks
to change the colors. So I, there we go. And I would put a little label on it, just to make sure I remembered
which inhaler it was. And then you just, wow, you just smell it and it’ll completely open up your sinuses. Great if you have a tension headache, and just in general, very
invigorating and opening. So, um, I’m just gonna
stick this one in my pocket. See ya later, bye.

14 thoughts on “Why Use Essential Oils: Stay Healthy with a Vibrant Inhaler

  1. Thanks, Andrea.  I really appreciate your video work – they set just the right tone. Would it be possible to also include the latin names of the essential oils in future video's?  Then I know for sure I'm getting the right oil.  Many thanks.

  2. hi Andrea, I have a question where you buy your oils bc I use different brand and don't have some oils, can you please tell me what brand you used . thanks

  3. Thank You Andrea for your wonderful videos. I learn a lot about essential oils from you. It is so easy to see your passion about aromatherapy. You said in one of your videos that you do all your cleaning products by yourself. Would you make a video about them please. It would be great to know as well which essential oils are safe around little children( my children are 2 and 4 years old). Thank you again for beeing so inspiring.

  4. Love this inhaler recipe. Thanks for sharing. Where did you purchase the Saro and Ravintsara? And also, where is the best place to purchase inhalers? Thanks so much for you YouTube videos. I lookforward to them.

  5. Thanks, Andrea! I love all your videos! I have a couple friends wanting inhalers for their spring allergies so the information you've shared
    is perfect timing.

  6. Hi Andrea, does this work if you already have a cold, and how many times a day should you use it, how long can you use it before the effects diminishes, can you refill it with the same ingredients or should you dispose of it. Thanks

  7. Where do I get the inhalers? Didn't even know you could buy them. I have bad allergies, I need this a whole lot. Thanks for all you do and all your free recipes.

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