Will To Live Online: Дождались!

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In general, the next update in the game Will To Live Online… Some complained about cheaters… Others to optimize. Third on a small number of places spawn mutants. Are there few mutants? Yes, there are few mutants … It’s hard for new players to farm. Competition. Yes! Each farm spot is designed for two players! They tell me about fractional armor … Oh yes, the loners are not happy that the new armor only for factionalists. We also say we want special body armor … I also have dreamers … In general, developers took the wishes of the players into account … And we decided that we urgently needed solve problems! And they released another fix in which the priority interests and pleased all the players at once … They increased the number of daisies! Flowers! Flowers! My happiness now has no limits! Flowers! Now everything is fine in the game. I was just thinking about these daisies. Think so… If we continue to complain … They finally deliver us and milkweed!

8 thoughts on “Will To Live Online: Дождались!

  1. Приветствую.
    Классно, но подскажи мне я захожу на сервер в игре will to live online мск 4 новый и загрузка пошла как обычно и потом бац миня в меню перекидывает я хз что не так каждый день захожу.

  2. Я смотрю в этом проекте тоже гомнюки работают? Ты смотри, куда не плюнь вокруг одни гомнюки. Это напоминает одну поговорку.

  3. Сколько играю ни одной проблемы , оптимизации чуточку не хватает😁

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