Window AC Air Conditioner Maintenance ⚕️ Mold Mildew Smell Breathing Problems

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Always want clean your filter
run it under hot soapy water at least several times during the summer;
this is your number one line of defense as far as cleaning out particles that are gonna get
recirculated through your living area. Because that’s what air conditioners do:
they recirculate the air after they bring it into your living
environment. That’s usually where most people stop
however there’s a lot more to do! How these new window units are designed
is you’ve got a fan which is bringing an air from the
outside and if you can see here in getting here see this trough, this
piece of plastic that’s connected and can you see on the
bottom with the groove in it that trough is how the water is
recirculated. The water that collects from the
condensation in the rainfall hanging outside your window
recirculates that water against the cooling coils. okay that’s the cooling agent the air
conditioning unit and cools down your motor, however the
problem with that is at that standing water is in the
bottom of your AC unit all season long and that’s that’s a
Petri dish for mold and mildew which is gonna make you sick because
you’re gonna be breathing all that in so it’s kind of a catch-22: these new window units do cool off the motor
reduce your electricity bill a little bit but if you have a mold or mildew
situation it’s bad news. What I do is I
drill a hole here where the water collects on the bottom
of the coils. And with a steel drill bit I just kinda puncture the metal
because if you go any further you will puncture your copper freon coils and then your unit is
finished, like throw it out in the garbage. So if you
want to do a little mod here not have standing water in the bottom, just drill one hole through that and
that’s going to drain your water. Your AC motor will run a little hotter, but
for me, where I live in Northeast I just turn it off at night just keep it on the hottest days, so
proceed with caution on that but that’s what I do. Basically what you want to do
is just hit with compressed air and get where there’s spider webs with vinegar or bleach rag. This is pretty cheap stuff
you do not want to see any black dots any mildew or any mold of any
kind, just wanna see clean white; do the same thing to outside coil: keep it clean around here
make sure everything is nice and clean. This year it looks really good for the
next season. Please give a thumbs up if you enjoy this video; would be great to
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