3 thoughts on “Woman accused of drugging Spanaway mom back in jail

  1. I’m from Washington and I have had a date rape drug given to me at a bar once and I’ve heard the 911 calls you do not act like that. It sounds 100% like allergic reaction to me. I think that since it’s so publicized with theory she’s going to be convicted even though there’s really no hard-core evidence other than some chick pretty much having allergic reaction and jumping to conclusions. If they wanted to take your baby they would’ve taken your baby it’s that simple and they didn’t

  2. They didn’t even get this lady an ambulance so I just don’t believe her. I’m sorry I do not believe this chick. I think it was allergic reaction and clearly she just assumed something because she was feeling weird with her body. Note to self if somebody has allergic reaction they can just assume that you’re drugging them very alarming.. This lady does not get my vote.Overdramatic as if you can’t beat this chicks booty. You’re like two times bigger than her body fat. Just saying and your that scared it’s just for the cameras I’m sorry please you’re not gonna pull everyone with the whole allergic reaction to a cupcake bury that was drugged and they’re trying to kidnap my baby I will not believe that because it would’ve taken that baby

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