Woman Grows Nails Instead Of Hair Due To Skin Condition

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she designed as a twenty eight-year-old
girl into memphis tennessee and she has a very strange condition fact she has
the rarest condition because she is the only person who has been diagnosed with this
condition so apparently she is growing males fingernails out of her hair follicle while it is the strangest condition
others local news report gives us after few more details into the story so let’s
watch that and i want you to focus on the health care angle of it then system you from anything interacting with coming back needed to
in august two thousand eleven i said was accepted into johns hopkins hospital in
baltimore doctors determined she produces twelve
times the number of skin cells her hair follicle which suffocate her skin
instead of hair her skin follicles produced human nails somewhere here
wilson nails are wrong things in writing new home bringin down one in the world with no instant doctors
have been able to control her symptoms but high since mysterious health crisis has caused the financial crisis her
state issued insurance doesn’t cover out-of-state care and only covers five of the seventeen
medications she’s prescribed she started getting these symptoms after the doctor
gave her some sort of steroid to deal with her asthma attacks and she thought like to cycle we’re skin
condition it’s going to go away but it didn’t go away it just
continuously dot works by distorting what you did you like super flipped out
by the lady sometimes is a different things that are you know that happens in
nature is it is my point of course within our contacts we want to help or because obviously
she’s having huge problems here uh… and when we want to help or here
comes the insurance rules or you’re out of state what what do you know i mean
the is how many hospitals could possibly cover that insurance rules drive me
crazy so her obscene issue shirts doesn’t cover out the specialist care uh… so she has to pay for a lot of
things that are still available specials just feel that they were heard on
growing nails instead of hair dr strike that and what i don’t think it’s a and answers that she has only covers
five out of the seventeen medications that she needs to treat this illness
right and and what also drives me crazy eddie
because the fact that our insurance works the way that it does she has a
quarter million dollars in medical bills eight-year-old whose life has been
destroyed both physically and financially you know what they mean what’s the point is sure is if i got a quarter million dollars with
a bill array who can pay a quarter million dollars in
intelsat well let me try me at all a lot of
people who can’t right so you’re dot you you’re bankrupt on everything incubator
outstanding your car you’re done with the halls of one of the
shirts but you’re never gonna be able but option ever to be over yet so loved is obviously something wrong in
our system and you know when i talk about with
concerns then let a guy from whom they are look at these guys i see them you
know in a moment country they’re even twinkies in this offer and i want to pay
for them select ok we we don’t want to pay for
this lady because what she had it coming yeah i think i think that we should pay
for this lady because it’s not something that she could have control that’s
something that happened to her she’s trying to get treatment for it
it’s not like she did something irresponsible to me to this condition i don’t know the carried in the twenties
and they know their fattening other diabetics may don’t give a shit out those people should be a little more
prevention what look the conservative ideology overalls if
something went wrong in your life you had a tough fifty-fifty uh… where and in maybe the
liberal ideology might you know if there were any liberals left the country might
be a problem at the reverse direction let’s help everybody no matter what
right but that’s not the room plainfield that were playing it we’re joined by people who are saying
hey listen if you get a paper insurance usually at least get a shirt straight
that’s the reasonable middle course ground but now that’s not how is your system
works they think well that i want to take your money but when it comes to pay out i don’t do
that and we don’t get away with the exact that i don’t know where jurors was
but except with course there the state issued id yours but you don’t
like what i did jurors by an elite myself with a pretty high
deductible because all of what i want all i want
this they have made but that’s what i want to handle that cost of the order without uh… so this is literally what that to
be there’s no more getting hit by bullets are getting kids to bed abou unbeatable lead person on the planet with this disease and doctors all over the world have
bigger step back to me it really it defies
logic was the point that this garrity richer just don’t have yesterday your last fall and it’s the same before or or overall is health care plan passed uh… you have lifetime caps so that’s another thing that your among
the hundred eight different ways here sure screws stacy to your point and pilots say humid
and had a million dollars in your treatment you have a rare form of cancer
whatever it is a poor immigrant’s a form of cancer which is perfectly normal that
happens all the time right uh… well you had a lifetime cap so of
from here on out looking for wait a minute outward that’s crazy than again what’s the point
of reassurance and and so what their health care plan does is it
fixes that now it’s got a lot of other problems but at least addresses that and the republicans say on the way let their private insurers have liquors
were number one no matter what we need to we’re number
one and so our systems this is the best must by definition b right you know
insurances especially catastrophic when it comes to our health right but i feel
like insurance in every element is always and complete matter failure doesn’t matter if it’s car insurance
home insurance you pay into it every single month and then finally went to
some disaster hits you get into a car accident or something
happens to your mom and you need them to come through for you in the light hap
except now how about you pay us like ten thousand
dollars and then maybe will act against on finding very furniture square not too

100 thoughts on “Woman Grows Nails Instead Of Hair Due To Skin Condition

  1. I don't get Americans. Half the time I'm like 'Yeah! Way to be progressive!' and then I see things like this, and I'm sitting here in Canada like 'Why are you so afraid of Universal health care???'

  2. I love USA and how you guys rock…. been a fan since the wonder years… but yeah people are robbing you silly. Here in AUS, i covered my in laws for a visit here . had to taken them to the doctors ,called the insurance and said look who is going to cover this and they said. you have an insurance card just load it onto that and no worries. thats how insurance should work … come on America become progressive ..

  3. one thing i picked up on out of this was the doctor gave her a steroid then she developed this condition… shouldn't there be some sort of coverage with that? or a legal avenue to look at?

  4. It is sad. People who.need help cannot get it but trashy drug addicts & welfare queens get all kinds of help. I never took food stamps or government money even when I had leukemia. Our system is all fucked up

  5. Really Ana? You think fat people should pay more for their insurance? If you want a compelling scientific explanation of why you're full of shit on that one, I'd be happy to educate you.

  6. This all boils down to politics, in determining exactly who's life is deemed valuable enough to benefit from a particular service. Yes, it is a case of the "have and the have-nots." It is a discriminatory system built upon seemingly self-righteous principles of the so-called privileged.

  7. Whatever chemical reaction that is causing her condition could be the cure to male pattern baldness.

  8. Why wasn't the drug given to her checked? It could have been cross contaminated with something else. Oh yeah, but that finding would be covered up. #BigPharma effed up again. 🙄

  9. Insurance often has discounts for folks who follow various preventative/lifestyle treatments. Insurance is still frickin evil though.

  10. I live in Scotland and i honestly do not know wht most of us would do if we didn't have our national health service, America should defo be more open to this idea. It's there for everyone to use no matter who u are or wht u have. I hope this lady gets all the help she needs without having to worry abt having enough money to keep up treatments xx

  11. 3:22 *Type 2 Diabetics. Please differentiate and keep the REAL (People with Type 1 Diabetes) out of it. We didn't do anything to ourselves either. http://www.diffen.com/difference/Type_1_Diabetes_vs_Type_2_Diabetes

  12. My question would be, how would we get my state insurance to pay for a specialist out of state? Bullshit we should pay for our monthly premiums then everything should be completely covered.

  13. That sucks. She is not alone. I popped mine out before them got big. Mine only grow on my thigh with a much smaller amount. Sometimes, I have multiple hairs growing on same hair follicle. They are itchy and painful. Steroids and antihistamines help a lot to ease the symptoms.

  14. the medication did this to her!!!! stop taking this evil medication, cancel all of her bills because yall did this to her!!

  15. great they gave me the steroids asthma puffs . wounder full how nice. what Obama care will not help her. but Obama care was going do everything. oh well life goes on. the Catholic Church has tons of money. ask them to help.

  16. Why is this whole thing turned into a political issue? Yes, I know how so-called healthcare works in this country, but what about the woman? what about helping her, or encouraging people to help somehow?

  17. I had a brain tumor and went through something like this. It took 10 doctors before they even found the tumor. I was called a drug addict because the Meds they gave me for migraines didn't help. It wasn't until I went to John Hopkins that they saw the tumor sadly the tumor was in the first MRI I got 6 years before going to John Hopkins. The doctor before John Hopkins never really looked at the MRI they just piggybacked the other doctors.

  18. Hey guys when we say "free healthcare" we know it isn't free. We know it comes from our taxes. That being said, if I pay for it with my taxes, I wouldn't mind going to the doctor. I wouldn't be trying to calculate everything I'm doing to pay for everything. I wouldn't have to deal with eye rolling nurses as I ask if will help cover this or that. I wouldn't have contemplated roughing it out instead going to the doctor for a couple weeks when I hyperextended my knee (actually tore my ACL). I would have just went just to make sure and found out the problem sooner.

  19. The manufacturer of the cortisone shots should be held accountable. Once she is assigned meds, go back to her state and have her regular PCP continue the meds under her insurance. Damn shame!

  20. She isn't the only one. I watched a video of a girl with the same condition. But that one girl i watched is much worse

  21. If you have a condition for which there is no treatment where you live, insurance should pay for out-of-state treatment!

  22. Why are the young TURK'S attacking Middle American Citizen's, I get it ( Maybe because Middle American mostly voted for Trump and are Caucasian).

  23. Hair and nails, are made of the same thing. Surely the doctor’s insurance should cover the medical bills if it was his administering these steroids did this. Or, they’ll say it’s so rare he couldn’t have known, right? Laser could help her, surely?

  24. She Has A lot Of Toxins In Her liver ..She needs To Drink LotscOfcBraggs Vinegar lemon juice ,Water , mix And flush her body she will get better ..doctors just goingvto keep ttying bullshyytt medicine for more $ ..Whatever on her skin coming from within ..Flush your body .. leavevthe hospital alone… I experienced something similiar ..try natural remedy it works ..flush ur body .

  25. Are you serious… she should go to the neighborhood doctor… REALLY?? The doctor that gave her the steroids should probably be held responsible. And dude that shit wasn't funny, it was kinda racist…smh

  26. Everybody talking about Obama care, if a Caucasian president put it in effect then it would have been the greatest thing since sliced bread but being that it was a Black president it was all bullsh.t

  27. I'm so glad I live in Australia where we have a great government funded health care system, we also have private health insurance but for people that can't afford and even for people that can afford private insurance, we are entitled to Medicare regardless. It works great, the U.S. government should go this route it would benefit all people from the rich to the poor

  28. Who is the ignorant man in the blue? Anyway, it's the doctor's fault, so why should she have to pay? Let the doctor and the government that approved the medicine pay for it. We are nothing but ginnepigs for them.

  29. Sue the medical doctor who gave you the medicine, he started this hold thing, than you will have the money to pay your medical bill.I would sue.

  30. You should place "discussion about" in front of your current title. Since the video dosent show any kind of treatment. Just a picture.

  31. Gross, poor lady,I can't believe this curse the poor thing is suffering.I can't believe he was making jokes about going to a nail salon. Ridiculous assholes

  32. If we had socialized medicine, her care wouldn’t have been possible. Thank goodness for privet insurance and privet medical!

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