Woman Is Allergic to WATER & Her Skin Burns When Wet – Valentina Bones

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Living in Florida – bloody humid living in California – bloody dry Ok, I just move under the sea Welcome back to FTD news My name is Leroy Kenton and I’m gonna be talking about a lady that is allergic to water and before heard about this story I swear it was like only one person that I’ve ever Heard of that have this kind of condition and it was like years ago I was watching it on some kind of TV show meet Valentina bones. She’s a 25 year old photographer and she’s allergic to water so like if she’s sitting there and like water touches her it feels like her skin is frying And this is not just water that may come out from a tap and touch her but also from water that could drip on her From fruit but to make it even worse this condition is triggered even when she sweats and cries and I’m thinking Yeah If it’s a hot summer day Or you’re doing something around the house and you start to sweat your whole body’s gonna be burning and like what if he gets sad We do not cry. Yeah, this is weird guys Valentina bones was diagnosed about 10 years ago with aquagenic urticaria And she currently lives in, California So she breaks out in these rashes within two minutes of coming in contact with warm water now when she’s describing the condition This is what Valentina had to say for me any liquid triggers aquagenic urticaria Water sweat saliva and even juice from a juicy fruit I don’t do any sports or physical activity that I know will result in me getting unwanted attention Due to how my skin looks I took night classes in college because it was too hot and humid in class during the day As long as my body stays dry My allergy to water doesn’t make my life less happy now originally Valentina was born in Budapest Hungary But she moved to California in the year 2007 and that’s when she started noticing this allergy as he could imagine She started getting super concerned She started seeing these red rashes coming up whenever there was like rainfall Or anything happening and she’s like what the heck is going on with my skin Never I said at the Bing of this episode like I heard of only one person with this disease Yeah, see this thing is so rare that that’s pretty much all the information that there is about it out there It’s like so rare. No one knows anything. It’s just okay, you have an allergic reaction to to water So unfortunately for people like Valentina who have this condition, there isn’t any reliable treatment for this now. This is a big question I’m sure that every single one you guys are asking. How does she shower? How does she take baths? Well since she’s had this condition for so long. She’s figured out ways that she can make it work in the summertime valentina bones She showers in cold water, which she can cope with a lot better However, in the wintertime she uses a wet washcloth or showers with slightly warm water But definitely not hot or any really warm water at all But if she has to use water that’s a little bit on the warmer side She has to limit it to no more than two to three minutes And this is how Valentina describes her experience living with his condition. I wash my hair separately by bending over in the tub So I don’t have to spend extra time in the shower with water getting in contact with my skin I’ll take bubble baths. Maybe twice a year as a treat on my birthday or Christmas Which makes me really sad because I adore bath bombs for my face the rashes come out from anything liquid at any temperature Hot or ice cold and the rest of my body it comes out faster with a higher temperature water for example My body can be in a cold pool for half an hour without any problems and then it will come out slowly and less Painfully if I get in a jacuzzi bathtub or steam sauna, the rashes will come out within approximately a minute or two But it also comes out from sweating after the gym or a dog licking me So if anyone thinks this may just be caused by something in the water. It’s not okay guys So that’s all I have for this episode of FTD news and let me know down below in the boom box Do you suffer from any allergies? I’ve been pretty fortunate enough where I don’t really have any allergies It’s just one. It’s it to some medication I’m not gonna say which one in case and if you get ideas, but yeah I could actually die if I take this one particular medication and before you go you got to follow me on Instagram the link to that is down below. All right, guys, you’ve been awesome. I’ll see you in another episode I’m Lea I can then one out

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  1. Actually about almost 20 years ago when I was in middle school, yes I'm old lol, my best friend had this same thing. I didn't believe it at first until I noticed she showered extremely fast and she was covered in hives when she came out. Even drinking water caused her to have issues. Her parents spent almost 7 grand on a special filtration system in their home so she could actually drink water and take showers without it causing too much pain. And apparently this condition is all around me lol, my two year old son can't be in his bath for long because his whole lower half turns bright red and causes him discomfort. At first we thought it was the temperature but after trying all kinds it still made him red. And my other two year old son, they're identical twins, I think is having issues too. He now can only be in the tub for no more than 2 minutes. As soon as I place him in it's like a race, the second I place him he screams bloody murder trying to get out, I have to hurry as quickly as possible to wash his hair and body then immediatly take him out and dry him off. Strangely however, he doesn't turn super red like his brother does. And his brother, despite turning that red and having discomfort, still loves the bath. He almost never wants to get out lol. My other one who can't be in the tub for long also gets EXTREMELY bad rashes. So bad that he has a standing prescription and has to wear specific diapers and use specific wipes. It's definitely been an expensive two and half years lol. We got one on athe way so hopefully he doesn't have the same issue lol

  2. Thank you for sharing and picking out appropriate images. The original interview picked out irrelevant photos just to attract views…

  3. I'm allergic to fresh pineapples. It makes my mouth, tongue, lips, throat and esophagus itch like crazy and turn red after i eat it. I can only eat pineapples from a can or served in a fruit cocktail. It might have a chemical that needs time to wear off for it to be safe for me to eat it. My brother has the same allergy. There's also Prickly pear or cactus apples, i only had it once but i remember a funny feeling in my mouth but i don't remember it being as obvious as pineapples.

  4. This video was just to promote her Channel because she's clearly not allergic to water….. she simply has a reaction to certain temperatures of water.

  5. This was for promotion she’s clearly not allergic to water smh she just can’t be in contact with hot or warm water 🤦🏾‍♂️

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