Woman nearly died from soot in lungs after leaving candle burning as she slept

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 A warning is being issued after a woman was almost killed when she fell asleep with a scented candle burning in her room  And she says it was only thanks to her pet that she survived.  Farrah Lorrel Fraser left the DW vanilla pumpkin latte candle on her chest of drawers while she caught 40 winks before a night shift  Before she knew it her pet, called Badger, was scratching at her door and whimpering  She awoke to find black soot lines coming out of her nose and was coughing up black mucus   Farrah, from the West Midlands, posted a warning to other people on Facebook after the ordeal  She wrote: “Last night I lit my crackle wick candle and got in the bath for about an hour  “I then put it on my drawers and went for a nap before my night shift (I know sounds stupid)  “Basically I woke up to badger scratching at my door and whimpering.  “I woke up and looked like I was in a new paranormal activity, I had black coming out of my nose and was coughing black phlegm  “I thought nothing of it but talked to the fire service at work and upon asking for advice the commander deemed that I needed oxygen therapy, when the brigades turned up at work I showed them the pics and was given oxygen therapy starting on 10 litres for half an hour  “They said if they turned up to a job I would’ve been blue lighted to the hospital because of the amount of soot and risk of carbon monoxide poisoning ”  After being checked out by paramedics, they told her she could have died from smoke inhalation and the soot in her lungs had she slept any longer  Pictures shared on Facebook by Farrah show her receiving oxygen treatment.  She added: “They told me if I had slept through to my alarm at 21:00hrs (I woke up around 19:30hrs) I probably wouldn’t be here now. dramatic I know!  “So be careful of the colder months sitting in a closed room with a big candle for a few hours or if you’ve got young children/babies.  “I’m thankful it was me and not a small child it’s easily done.”  Farrah was full of praise for the firefighters and paramedics who treated her   Homesense, where Farrah purchased the candle, has offered her a refund, reports the Sun

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