Woman Who Claims She’s Allergic To Almost Everything Describes Her Daily Life

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I have bad reactions to allergens during your furniture on your skin your hair my clothes dirty once I keep them in here this doors mine and that door is this anything that he has all over this person allergens accumulate on the door itself I live in survival mode on a daily basis I don’t open these cabinets see that they don’t close all the way so a lot of air constantly gets in there Kelly and I have arguments about any of the different things that I may be doing my husband and I sleep separately you’re going in my bedroom maybe I’m already been out here wants to it ok but that you know how much that box is off my sweater ok we don’t turn on the heater during the winter because that’s one of the things that bothers me is the recycled air when it’s cold I sleep here because in my bedroom there’s carpet and when you use these in there any bits of allergens gets magnified when my husband eats something very greasy I will take the plate and silverware outside to the pool do a quick rinse on them then I’ll bring them in the house and wash them again my bathroom these containers that are here have clean clothes in them I have told my husband that he wants to hug me he has to take a shower and once he comes back he’s able to touch me on this illness has put a huge wedge in the middle of us is ruining our marriage now before we meet Debbie I want to fill you in on what’s been going on backstage since her arrival Debbie nice to meet you that’s major I can’t let you stop so you did okay I know that just like that didn’t touch anything inside okay okay all right we’re gonna go to the right we can bring you over to the makeup chair now okay so I’m doing my own my hair makeup Oh nobody’s yeah I’m gonna I was gonna have her just kind of check once I was done is there anything else you need right now there is something my husband it’s like let my husband or whatever come in just open these for me hi Debbie it’s Lauren I heard your culture for you a radiant heater oh and you want okay um the only thing is is so close personal you can try I can always turn it off hi I’m minute from the dr. Phil Perry department uh-huh and I want to know do you need any help with your hair or any point of gee um I have a question for makeup hi yes well if you feel I’m not gonna yeah take her hand to feel my cannolis has some Sparkle and I thought it’s gonna catch the light no light problem for television I would go yeah so what I have is not too much that’s okay yeah okay all right you feel very good hi Debbie hi I’m Sharon hi I’m here I’m Mikey real quick Oh Mike me they told me that okay so I can’t have a Mike on me okay I don’t know how I’ll react to it I can set up a Mike on a stand for you okay yeah we better you for me hi Debbie it’s time to go alright follow me

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