Women Get Makeup Allergy Tests

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– Can you itch number 22? – Oh God! – Ugh! (upbeat theme song) – So today we’re going to
a dermatologist to see how allergic we are to the products
that we put on our face. – So I have dry skin but it’s also kind of sensitive it flares up every so often. – I purposely wore no
makeup just so guys can see what the fuck is happening
to my sensitive ass skin. – My whole life I’ve had
eczema and when I was younger it was really bad on my face. – I’m someone who’s obsessed
with beauty products, I love trying new stuff,
I’m subscribed to a ton of different beauty glam bags. I wonder if that had
something to do with the fact that my skin is completely
a shit show these days. – I think that I just
genuinely have sensitive skin. – Not too long ago I
actually got into putting glitter, loose glitter on my eyelids and I use this glue thing
and I put it on my eyelids. It was great throughout the
day but when I wiped my makeup off my eyelids were swollen underneath. – A couple weeks ago I
actually had a really severe allergic reaction, I
just woke up one morning and my eyes were completely swollen shut. The doctor was confident
that it was my makeup. – I’m definitely interested
to see if the stuff that I’m putting on my face
everyday is actually bad for me. – I am nervous about the results because I like my current makeup a lot. – I don’t wanna overhaul
my entire skin routine. – All right it’s time to go to the doctor. (suspenseful theme music) – Hello I’m Dr. Vicki Rapaport
and I’m a dermatologist at Rapaport dermatology. – I’m her father Marvin Rapaport
and we practice together. – Today we’re going to place patch testing on three different people to figure out what their skin allergies are. – Inflammation of the skin
more often can be caused by external chemicals put on the skin. – What we do with the patch
test is we put a little bit of the offending agent under
a specific bandage to see if they are allergic to
that particular antigen. – So here we have 40 of the
most common allergens found in skincare products, these can be made from lotions, makeups, anything like that. We’re leaving this one
blank, this is gonna be for a wipe the patient brought in. (upbeat theme music) So all of these will go on
her back and they’ll remain on her back for 48 hours,
they will not get wet. And then in 48 hours we’ll take them off and see what reaction there is. (upbeat theme song) – I feel like a bionic woman. – I feel uncomfortable, I feel like I can’t move my arms too much. – I really didn’t think it was that bad. – I wish I would’ve done this when I first started wearing makeup. – My biggest concern right now is how I’m gonna do anything at the gym. – It’s a little itchy ’cause
I’ve had eczema so long I’m always itchy so this is like no worse. – It is starting to itch all ready. A little nervous about the next 48 hours. – Lemme see it, oh you’re
wearing I didn’t even notice all this, oh my god Chloe. – They’re kind of itchy but I can’t tell if it’s the patches or the tape. – I’m dying, I’m like
getting these splotches and like everything frigging itches. Something in the 20’s
is really bothering me. – So it’s the end of the day
and I think I spoke to soon when I said that this thing
was only itchy in some places. Because now it’s just an all over itch. – It’s bedtime, my back just feels tight. It’s really hard to get comfortable. – So I made it to the gym
today and it was the most distracting workout, it was super itchy, it was hard for me to focus. – Can you itch number 22? – Oh God! – Ugh! – I was walking to lunch
and it got really hot and I couldn’t take my cardigan
off because I’m an insecure person and I didn’t want people staring. So I just got really hot,
hopefully I didn’t sweat and hopefully my patches are okay. – I know we’re not supposed
to shower, I gotta do it. (shower running) Luckily I have a detachable shower head. – I woke up today and I am so much more itchy than I was before. – Half an hour left and I can’t wait for that satisfying rip feeling,
there was a brief moment where it calmed down but it’s back. – I am just about to hop in the car, if I go to this appointment and
I’m not allergic to anything I’m gonna be really pissed
’cause this was just itchy and annoying for no goddamn reason. (upbeat theme music) – So I’m super excited to see
what goes on underneath these. – Me too. – Patches here, we’re gonna
take everything off and get you a little bit instant
relief but we do let it sit for about five minutes and kind of air out before we do the official reading. So the dead give away are
the really, really, really crazy positive will be red blisters. If it’s sort of half positive it’s like a couple of little pink dots. (upbeat theme music) – I’m allergic to stuff, right. – You actually are but
you’re also very normal. Things that you’re allergic
to are things that everybody is allergic to, number
one cobalt it’s a metal. It’s really common in cheap earrings. – I have really sensitive ears. – When you have a cobalt allergy
you usually have a nickel allergy, so Nickel sulfate is also seen in very, very cheap belt buckles. You were only mildly irritated by number 2 your acne medicine. – I literally said that the other day, I was like it feels
like it’s getting worse. – But the stuff you use on
your eyes that the urgent care doctor said that you were
quote unquote allergic to. Not allergic to that. – Crazy so I can start
using my concealer again. – I mean it could be an allergic reaction to something in the environment. The most amazing thing is
with all of your tendencies towards being allergic and
your history of eczema. The only thing you were
allergic to but it was a really mild allergy and it was cobalt. Which is a metal so if
you do have cheap jewelry that’s not 22 carat or titanium accent. – Oh that’s all my jewelry. – Having the history of allergies and eczema I would recommend you continue to seek out those hypoallergenic products. All the things we tested
were absolutely negative. 37 is your only positive actually. 37 is actually thimerosal
it’s basically a preservative. You have a true allergy
to it, it’s antiseptic and antifungal so just check labels. The most important one being
that glitter glue adhesive that you say really swollen
up your eyes I was absolutely sure that was going to be positive. But shockingly it’s negative,
I would actually recommend that you do avoid it, I
still think there’s something about it that’s very irritating to you. – Ever since I had that allergic
reaction to what I thought was my makeup I’ve been really
stressed out and anxious about trying anything
new so it’s really cool to know that I can continue to use all the glam bags that I’m subscribed to. – I could kind of tell that
I was having no reactions because I wasn’t that
itchy, it was like a little uncomfortable but when I talk to Kelsey and Swasti I
could tell yeah I really don’t have anything compared to them. – So I had all three women
send me a photo of their backs at the 72 hour mark to
look for delayed reactions and Swasti actually did
have a delayed positive. Indeed the adhesive to the
glitter that she put on her eyes. – It’s nice to know that
I am really allergic to it and I feel like everyone
should get an allergy test. I didn’t even know what
thimerosal was and here we are. Go get an allergy test,
you’ll be happy you did it. – So as you may have
noticed Boldly is now as is. – Mmhmm but don’t worry you’ll
still get all the awesome content you’re used to but
just even more new great stuff. – Click here to subscribe. – Woo, clickety click. (techno theme music)

100 thoughts on “Women Get Makeup Allergy Tests

  1. I’m allergic to makeup just found out today , I got ready did my make up and my face was itchy I didn’t think nothing of it till i went in the shower and got ready for bed And I looked in the mirror, my face was full on swollen and I could hardly open one eye my face also had bits of redness in some areas x

  2. I’m allergic to
    Crayola fine tip markers
    Some trees

    yes I am allergic to chocolate, don’t kill meh

  3. When people say "itch" instead of scratch it s l i g h t l y triggers me bc itch is a sensation and scratch is something you do

  4. I wonder how Swasti reacted to vaccines as a baby with a thimerosal allergy
    And that’s such a pain because it’s in so much other stuff.

  5. I can literally only use baby lotion and baby shampoo because my skin is so sensitive 😑

  6. Or its just the fckn chemicals aka poisons that you react to. Those things dont have to be in there in the first place.

  7. I’ve had allergic reactions to every type of lipstick I’ve tried (except for Bite lipstick, which is literally food grade) which sucks because I’m a dancer and have to use bright red lipstick on the regular, but I’ve never actually gotten tested to see what the problem is

  8. I had one done for makeup,specifically show makeup as my skin would always swell after dance shows….

    I was allergic to all 17 tested

  9. Once I had one of those tests and the man was like
    -oh u are allergic to all
    And I was like
    -no I’m not cause I use it on my face everyday and every thing is ok
    It turns out that I was allergic to the adhesive

  10. So i didnt believe that openinng mascara after 3 months is harmful so i used my mascara for 3 months after openinng it and guess what happend my eyes got very terrible irritating and itchenis after the fourth months i cried a lot not knowing that mascara did that for my eyes

  11. Ironically I can’t get patch tests because I’m highly allergic to tape. I get blisters that are paper thin and pop so easily and when they pop it’s excruciating

  12. I’m super allergic to nickel and I wore these earrings once, and my ear got a horrible infection. I’ve never worn earrings since and I have permanent damage on my right ear.

  13. I wish I could get allergy tests do u have to see a dermatologist in order to do this if so I can't afford to go to one right now 😒😭😭😢😢😥

  14. I had this test done also about 3 years ago. Although it wasn't for make up purposes. It was to see What ingredients in common soaps and cleansers I may have a sensitivity to. I found out I'm sensitive to gold. And completely allergic to thimerosal. I couldn't do the personal products one because it wasnt available to me. But it was definitely a pain having those patches on your back. My allergy to thimerosal showed on my back for about 3 months before it went away! It just looked like I had a mosquito bite.

  15. I have eczema too your skin is so dry and sometimes in the winter it gets bad , if you look at your body you can see white flakes and some people are ashamed of there skin but it’s not something to be ashamed of don’t be ashamed of your eczema a lot of people have eczema 👍😊

  16. i need to do this asap lol !! I get allergic reactions all the time and idk to what. I switch my makeup all the time to figure it out but idk

  17. My skin is very dry and sensitive and every time I use anything it doesn’t like and since it’s 2 years old it throws a temper tantrum

  18. I got allergy tested a year ago. 15 shots in each arm and 60 pricks in my back, all within 10 minutes. I literally almost passed out, but I was strong and waited until the nurse left to cry. 💪🏼

  19. I have regular allergies to pollen and dust but with skin allergies I’m allergic to the SUN, everytime im exposed to the heat and direct light I get itchy hives and welts and it’s been spreading recently because of summer and short sleeves

  20. i got my skin tested too!! i’m allergic to about every tree 😂🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

  21. I've done these test before I was allergic to dove soap and lubriderm lotion, although everything I put on my eyes (eyeshadows) were negative my eyes always feel like they're burning. I also have a cocu ut allergy.

  22. I have psoreasis, so hearing them talk about itching and all that made my body itch SOOOOO bad that I'm now bleeding lol!!!

    I really want to get tested though, I have a feeling I am allergic to something – probably grass.

  23. I need to take this … I weared this eyeliner once Hot topics brand forgot the collections name black eyeliner and MY EYES BURNED AND SWELLED AND ICHED FOR 2 WEEKS after wearing it for around what 14 hours maybe. There was also a Foundation by L'Oreal and then a Seaweed face mask from the body shop.

  24. I have sensitive skin. I learned on my own I cant use any essential oils or chemical sunscreens which are irritants to most people. I also try not to use products with fragrance. I still want to try this.

  25. Heh I love the way that this video exists only time I’ve ever worn makeup was when I was in dance and I had an allergic reaction to the eyeshadow on stage and my eyes swelled up and it’s hard to dance when you can’t see. And I’ve suffered with eczema my entire life so this was an amazing video

  26. Good on Kelsey for doing the intro makeup free! I don’t know if I could knowing it was going online. But she’s a good role model for doing that. Plus that female Dr is a great role model too!!

  27. Sooo they can’t wash for 48hrs and one woman’s first thought was about going the gym. I’d have not gone for those 2days because it’s gross not washing after the gym!!

  28. It lowkey really annoyed me that she went to the gym the very next day like??? Could you not just put it off for 2 days so you can actually follow the rules and not potentially ruin the entire outcome???

  29. My husband is allergic to nickel. We got white gold for our wedding rings and come to find out nickel is in white gold. 🤯

  30. The allergy test i had just from the outside stuff and things in my environment im glad i dont wear make up. I am allergic to cheap earings regardless if they say their hypoallergenic or not

  31. As a person with problematic skin i can sadly state that its not mostly about being allergic to make up, but about the clogging it does on your pores :((

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