WOO! BoomBoom Nasal Inhalers on Shark Tank [Recap]

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Next into the tank is a unique way to get refreshed! Hey Sharks! We have a new best friend for your nose. Introducing BoomBoom. Just unscrew the cap place the barrel inside each nostril, and inhale slowly but deeply. With each inhale you’ll experience a cooling, tingly sensation that makes you feel alive! I wanna smell it! Which is the strongest? They’re all similar intensity. Which is the most popular? Tropical Rush is our best seller. There’s a base of menthol and peppermint in all of them. Woo! Wooo! WOO! WOOOOO! YES! That’s really good! It’s really quite a hit! It enhances your breathing for sure. Charles: “It does open you up.” *Sniff* WOAH!

100 thoughts on “WOO! BoomBoom Nasal Inhalers on Shark Tank [Recap]

  1. Hey everyone, I just reviewed Boom Boom as well compared to 3 other sticks!!! Check it out here: https://youtu.be/0kUMAyW3R_w

  2. Watching this makes think about getting one. They’re probably good for anxiety attacks when you’re having a hard time breathing.

  3. Currently huffing a nice berry breeze boom.boom. Makes me feel alive again after she left me and took the kids. #woo4cuban

  4. Let’s all get these and do this in front of the police station. Since it’s totally not illegal and it will confuse the hell out of them

  5. These are for people who are rolling on MDMA or tripping on Acid to help them breath better. Seen so many people use these at raves

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