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ooh, Are you ready to fly? Hi there uh, welcome to my video for this week I just have a guest today, my neighbor found this little baby outside and it seems like he is not flying. And so she brought this bird to me so that I could do some Reiki on him and so I am happy to do that. And uh so this cannot be too long. I just wanna let you know that I opened my online store and it is ready for you to check it out it is Reikisimo.com and so far you’ll find gems and crystals, native earrings, and wood carving art. I am going to be in Medicine Hat the Heal the Hat this weekend, and so you can come to talk to me about what is Reiki, how you can use Reiki, on your friends, family, animals… Also, you can check classes coming up and the items that I have on my online store, so don’t be shy. Come talk to me and if you actually want to make an appointment with me feel free to do that. You can do it through my FB Page or through my gmail [email protected] So, go check my website, Reikisimo.com and let’s see maybe we can do a quick winner for this week. I just want to go and help this little one. Sooo, let’s see who is the winner, the sun is coming in, so Paula Sabina, Congratulations you got a Reiki Session You can get this session as distance healing if you are not in Alberta, or if you live in AB contact me and we will arrange a one on one Reiki Session. Ok, I let you go, for now, I will put all the information under this video for you to know more about the Heal the Hat in Medicine Hat Expo and about my new website. Ok, I love you all and I will see you next time. Kisses! Say goodbye! I am going to go get some Reiki.

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