World first ‘smart’ asthma inhaler made in NZ

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A new smart asthma inhaler
with an audio-visual function has dramatically improved child
and adolescent use of preventative asthma medication. The University of Auckland study, funded by Cure Kids
and the Health Research Council showed big improvements
in night time waking, better uptake of their medication
and fewer symptoms. Pere Wihongi reports. It may seem difficult, but it’s the only way
to help his asthma, even though he may not agree. According to statistics
from the Asthma Association, one in four New Zealand children
are asthmatics. One-year-old Majah McIntyre Tafutu
is one of those children. Even though asthma
is a lung condition, one of the main problems is remembering
to take one’s inhaler. Here is the answer to their prayers. Not Lady Gaga, but her song, which is used as a reminder
on this new device for an inhaler. Although it may seem easy
for children, it’s another story for babies. It’s a world first for asthma, but it’s hoped to be the first
of many asthma remedial inventions. Pere Wihongi, Te Karere.

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