World-first testing strategy for penicillin allergy

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In Australia obviously, we have a very
large amount of allergies from food allergies to antibiotic allergies. What
my research really has shown is that if you systematically assess patients that
come in and say they have experienced a reaction to an antibiotic only one in
ten has a true allergy, ninety per cent actually just probably had a viral rash.
So there’s really a great need of understanding this more and then
tailoring information to patients and GPs. I have cystic fibrosis so I’ve been
treated for a long time with a lot of antibiotics and I’ve had reactions to
antibiotics over the years which meant that was limiting my access to good
treatment. There is some issues that I have in terms of side effects of the
antibiotics but I don’t have allergies so I can now have the full range of
antibiotics that I require to treat my condition. In no other country at the
moment there is a model where the GP can assess antibiotic allergies it’s still
in the hand of specialists. I would really like to see a decrease probably
more from the eighteen per cent to maybe back around of about five percent and I think in WA we’re uniquely situated to really show that that can happen.

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