Worlds Biggest Tricking Event CANCELLED

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this virus has literally
cancelled one of the biggest tricking events in the world
alright what’s going on guys it’s JJ here back with another video hope you
having a great day living life loving the flips. If you are new
to channel, be sure to hit that subscribe button down below and also hit the bell
as well so you don’t miss any uploads thank you so to kick start today and
it’s a Tuesday so we are session Ian’s tonight less than three weeks now to
Vegas let me stop you right there I’m very sad quote pissed-off angry so
mad pause this was supposed to be my pretty babies training vlog and I was
training like I was going to Vegas but you see this car with 19 shit
coronavirus we not mates gay in less than three weeks empty even less than
two weeks now I supposed to be going to this massive adrenalin event in Las
Vegas they were having a huge gathering there was gonna be so many of the best
triggers in the world there are people from Russia from China from Japan
loads of Americans loads of Europeans this virus has literally canceled one of
the biggest tricking events in the world I’ve been training for this for a while
I’ve been looking forward to it so much because I was also gonna get to go and
see La link up with some people that I haven’t seen in a while it was to be
absolutely sick never been to LA before but then this is virus starts to pop up
in the world now I say that it’s been around for a while I don’t really know a
lot about it regardless it’s awful it’s killing people it’s not cool as a result
of it being so dangerous and rapidly spreading adrenaline have been forced to
cancel their event and they’ve had to cancel purely for the safety of everyone
who’s gonna be attending a couple problems they run into one more than
half the guests that they were gonna have out weren’t able to leave their
countries because of this virus and then two I was told there’s been an outburst
in America kind of where the event was gonna be and they probably wouldn’t have
had to turn out that they were supposed to have it wasn’t safe and the venue
that they would be running that didn’t want any international people to come in
or out of the doors that’s a bit of a problem I just want to put this insert
in number one to say you’ve got all nervous you absolutely no
honestly it’s not I just want to put in because I’m going I’m not going to
America but also have all this vlog footage which you’re about to see that
was training from Vegas and but I just want to explain to you guys that Vegas
is no longer happening but adrenaline I are planning to run that same event on
an even bigger scale so it’s pretty much just postponed until a later date
looking forward to that hopefully I can make it up to that one and hopefully
this wire stuff comes down a lot as for the vlog got some good clips to come
hope you enjoy it the blog sing-sing credible yeah all right fibers trying not to kill how okay that wasn’t too bad considering its
first time trying to hit that pad with that kick so gonna change the camera
angle a little bit so you guys can see from a different perspective time for a quick hike or parkour session
let’s go I’m gonna end on that one hope you
enjoyed my sick free running skills before we move on to the next clips
quick shout out to Harvey he just started hitting his double corks he came
up to me as I should we do a sync when I was i okay okay
and then he absolutely stomped it scared him girl follows Instagram check out his
YouTube all that stuff here so we’ll come to evolution dude some trampoline
in one gram and why I’m not gonna lie trampoline it didn’t go well today well
it did but then it just went downhill I dunno my brownies that feel weird and
different maybe I just like overdid it but probably not I’m just bad is this
emotional stuff kind of progressed a little bit on that here’s my best
attempts three almost each I don’t know because yesterday I didn’t really treat
that well I’m just gonna do some triple corks tonight and that’s kind of my aim
if I do that I’m happy anything else as a bonus yes get on with it then son two triple corks full swing accordion a
twist I’m gonna leave it there quick little session Duvall I wanted to
do happy days all right we’re at the eutectic session
oh look he’s vlogging is he walking he looks like he’s blogging but he’s like a
blogger look he’s just a simple double court right great new he’s gonna do it
for you and if he doesn’t Oh today
okay that’s pretty good considering you’re not done with you yes money okay
will snap you let’s go for the wall come back humble any flaw on his owns a new
Lauren mine – we’ll all right spot me you didn’t write yeah I will leave you
alone no actually no you have not done it before do it okay bye I don’t think
I’m gonna go too crazy I did some trip reports last night a revolution felt
pretty good so maybe I boss like one or two trip reports today not too many and
I want to maybe do like certain claps one swing if I can and then like
cheating on screams Hannah and so for that we’ll get through it there there there and Oh I love blinds myself I’m gonna do loads
of course Hey okay that’s the first legit Easter I
want to say ish because it raises a bit shit first legit shouldn’t go for us we
have dinner Wow so maybe I’ll pass one more and then I’m
gonna do 2 9 3 10 previous session so far really can’t complain done the
triple combo did some ruffles progressing happy days not the best swing tents I’ve done I’ll
take it swing ten if I could London is always a win obviously wanna get it way
better probably best session I’ve had in a while
I’m glad I could do some good tricks for you guys hope you enjoyed it don’t
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9 thoughts on “Worlds Biggest Tricking Event CANCELLED

  1. Funny how you progressively have less clothing as you’re warming up lmao

    been looking forward to the vlog in Vegas, it sucks to hear…but keep up the amazing tricks!!

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