Yamoa – Probably the Safest Natural Lasting Treatment for Asthma & Other Respiratory Allergies

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Wade Nolan has led a life of high adventure. His background as a biologist, and talent as a writer-producer set the course for his journey in life. A World-wide adventurer, in a single year Wade kayaked over 300 miles down an artic river, darted and captured rhino in Cape Buffalo in Africa, photographed 1000lb Kodiak Brown bears caught halibut in Alaska’s Cook Inlet, filmed leopards and lions and rode camels in West Africa’s desert dunes along the Skeleton Coast. See being out of breath never fits my schedule I have been controlling my asthma with things like inhalers, exotic pills, steroids, some of them have a list of side effects as long as my arm. They frighten me more than a charging lion. Then one day a friend recommended something called ‘Yamoa Powder’. I take the capsules daily and nothing has ever had an impact on my asthma like Yamoa. But I have noticed one big change that change is with Yamoa I can breathe.

3 thoughts on “Yamoa – Probably the Safest Natural Lasting Treatment for Asthma & Other Respiratory Allergies

  1. Hi Chris, I've been working with Yamoa since 1999. I can put you in touch with a fair few people who'd be happy to talk to you about their experiences with Yamoa. You can get in touch with be through the Official Yamoa Website. You could try contacting Jo Quinn at www.faim.org, the Foundation for Alternative and Integrated Medicine for her feedback, or contact Wade Nolan who sent this video in to us, he's a men's minister in the US. www.wadenolan.com. Also there's PBS TV presenter Anne Sweeney who I am sure would be happy to talk to you, she has a Facebook page you can contact her through. If you want to chat with me, again, just feel free to contact me through the website. X

  2. I have been taking this product for around 3 weeks for asthma without any affect . does anyone know a way to increase its absorption or a better way of taking it

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