Yoga for Asthma: a 30 min Practice with Meditation

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Hello everyone, welcome back to Nature Going Smart for this new video Today we will talk about asthma and how yoga
can help by improving the way we breathe According to yoga, many people, not
just asthmatics, breathe in a lets’ say, inefficient way Yoga promotes a conscious, slow, deep and
regular breathing which calms the nervous system by increasing oxygen supply to the
tissues, lowering stress levels and inducing muscular relaxation. One of the greatest gift yoga can give you,
is the one of learning to observe your breath. There’s a strong connection between the
way we breathe and the state of our mind. By consciously acting on our breathing pattern we can
calm the mind, feeling more relaxed, focused and creative. In the following yoga sequence we are going to practice some simple exercises designed to strengthen the diaphragm and to encourage
its full excursion up & down as the air gets out & in of our bodies; we will learn to connect
with the abdominal muscles in order squeeze out all the air present in the lungs encouraging
deeper exhalation and finally through a conscious mental effort we will learn to avoid the breath holding behaviour, which is quite common especially between asthmatic persons. Before beginning the class, remember to practice any exercise within your own limits Yoga is not a competition So take your time to rest between the poses Stay positive and breathe The class can now begin…

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