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Namaste everyone welcome to yoga with amit, I’m
Amit namdev and today we’re going to do yoga for dust allergy let’s begin if you
haven’t subscribed yet then subscribe and click on this Bell icon and stay
tuned sit down in any composition become aware of the breath and see how
it’s your breathing now we are going to do one breathing
exercise which will help your dust allergy to reduce also make your lungs
cleaner as well as sinus wipeouts so that you can breathe easily in any
garbage that has been stalled in your sinus or in your lungs will be removed take a long deep breath breathe out breathe in breathe out now breathe in
completely and begin exhale inhale and exit sit quietly for a while another Pro now you’re going to do bring
your hand onto the right nostril inhale and exhale fast as fast as comfortable
you can without feeling any strain of pain just ten fifty pound change the
side bring your hands back onto the knee and rest and then hold your right nostril with
your thumb inhale from the left long indeed exhale to the right and inhale through the right exhale through the left inhale to the left exhale to the right in here right excellent in here left exhale right in here right excellent in here left exhale right in here right and excellent release and relax stay quiet keep your
ice creams as possible and become aware how how you start to fever higher dust
allergy will go away and your breathing will improve announce going to do another pronamel another
breathing technique so bring your hand up to your heart center begin to turn to
the left and exhale inhale exhale inhale exhale inhale exhale inhale exhale inhale
exhale now we are going to do liquid faster inhale exhale back to the center
and bring a hand back on to the knee and rest for humint I’ll bring your hand by the site at the
shoulder level with your palm into fists then inhale bring your hands up exhale
down we will do at least 20 times begin and rest keep your breathing normal and
let go and drop your palm together bring your palm on to your face give one
to your face and gently open your eyes so that was the yoga for dust allergy
now practice it and let me know how it’s going if your dust allergy reduce or go
away then keep me posted by commenting below make sure to hit that subscribe
button if you haven’t subscribed and also take on that that like icon so that
you can get my whole video as soon as they published thank you very much for
joining me at yoga atomic I hope to see you in the next video

10 thoughts on “Yoga for Dust Allergy | Yoga with Amit

  1. hy Amit from ( days i have some allegies . yesterday i tried this pranayama for allergies and it's really efficient … all dust get out after 2 practices ! thanks so much to share this . have a nice day Amit

  2. after doing these pranayama, I felt effects of body shivering like my fever just broke and I was trembling, then I felt great afterwards. 2x it happened like that. Is this normal?

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