‘You Don’t Have Allergies,’ Dr. Phil Says To Guest Who Claims She’s Allergic To Almost Everything

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You believe yourself to be quite ill. Yes, I mean I don’t have cancer, I’m not terminal but yes I have something seriously wrong. And it’s wrong to the extent that it’s highly disruptive to your life. Absolutely. When we look at you in 2014, before this happened, you really look different. You look vibrant, and happy, and alive Right. And you didn’t look at all depressed, you didn’t look ill and now you’re having these problems that we’ve been talking about and that we’ve seen the tape about. And you’re having to do a lot of pretty ritualistic behaviors in order to be able to function. Yes. There are inconsistencies within those. Tell me how you reconcile those with yourself. For example, you don’t like bleach but yet, there’s chlorine in a pool and you’re okay with that. You could go and pet the dogs that have been outside. Yes I heard them talking about that. In the grass with dander and grass and all of that. I can handle doing something like that for a short period of time. I take Allegra D, I’m on a lot of allergy medications. But you don’t have allergies. You were tested for everything that you could be tested for and it came back negative. Okay, so all my adult life, I was allergic to two pages of stuff, everything under the sun. And I took allergy shots for it and then I was good for about a year and a half. And this started. So you just think this is not right. I think it’s not showing a correct picture.

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