Your child’s pollen allergy

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Pollens are fine, powdery grains that usually
are carried by the wind. TEXT: Pollen comes from trees, grasses and
weeds. Different plants pollinate at different times
of year. So, the tree pollens tend to be highest in the spring and then in the late spring
through the summer is when the grass pollens are present… at the highest numbers. And
then in the late summer into the fall is when the weed pollens are present.
TEXT: Pollen counts are generally lower after 10a.m. or heavy rain.
People always thing that grass pollen is the only important thing to avoid when people
are mowing , but actually if you think about it the other pollens, trees for example they
have to fall somewhere. So, during the spring they fall on the lawn which is also the time
of year when people are mowing. TEXT: When inside, keep the windows and doors
shut and use the air conditioner if you can. There may be some limits as far as the amount
of time some people can spend outside if they’re allergic to the pollens and if their symptoms
aren’t well enough controlled by medicines or allergy shots.
TEXT: Lastly, shower before bed to rinse the pollen from your hair and skin.
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  1. Thank you so much for teaching me this i have pollen allergies and it hurts so bad Edit: btw= by the way my eyes are the one itching can you please make a video on how you can cure it

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