Your Food Allergy Body Guard: Must Have Allergy Detection Sensors

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Are food allergies affecting your life?
Do you suffer from a food allergy or do you have a child that suffers from food
allergies? Well, if you’re like me I have a child who suffers from a variety of
different food allergies and it can be a real struggle and a real big stress on
our life when we try to venture outside of our home to get a meal or whether you’re going to a restaurant or you’re going to a school party it’s really hard to feel
confident and ensure that what you’re about to consume or what your child is
about to consume doesn’t have any of the allergens that you’re so desperately
trying to avoid. Now there are these really cool allergy detection sensors
that are available. Consider it to be like your own personal food allergy
bodyguard. They’re small and portable so you can put them in your own purse or
carry them in a pocket and they allow you to test the food you’re about to
consume so that you feel more confident and not stressed out about what you’re
about to eat to ensure that what you are about to consume doesn’t have the food
allergen that you are so desperately trying to avoid. NIMA has developed two
sensors one is for detecting gluten which is made for those who are gluten
intolerant or for those who are extremely health-conscious and want to
eliminate gluten from your diet altogether the other NIMA sensor is used
to detect peanuts in your food these slick little devices can be put into
your pocket or purse and offers you a quick way to test your food for any
traces of gluten or peanut. Let’s say you want to check for traces of gluten in
your food you would put a little bit of the food you are about to consume into a
disposable test capsule insert this into the sensor and then push start. A sample
of your dish is a mixed with some chemicals and in two or three minutes
voila NIMA will reveal if your food contains gluten by displaying a smiley
face or not with a frown. You can then take it a step further and
add your results to the NIMA community tested restaurants and packaged foods
via the app next up is the allergy amulet another rapid portable allergen
and ingredient detection device this device is not yet
available but the company plans to launch pre-sales in the fall of 2018.
What sets this device apart from the NIMA sensor is that it tries to marry
function with fashion and the company intends to offer tests for the top eight
most common food allergens over time As your personal healthy matchmaker I
hope that you found the information in this video to be useful. I’m always
searching for new technologies products services that you could use to live your
best life. If you liked what you saw on today’s video then be sure to join the
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