100 thoughts on “‘You’re Like Somebody Who Sets A House On Fire And Then Runs In And Saves Everybody,’ Dr. Phil Te…

  1. Dr Phil's opinions are no more valid than anyone elses just because he has a flock of sheep to be his yesman army.hitler and stalin had alot of support and popularity too

  2. my father is even worse, he never changed his ways. hes on his 4th wife and huis 5th kid now and it keeps going on like that, he ruins the life of his exes and than the life of his kids since he keeps harassing the exes on what they did wrong in the relationship. its been 15 years since my mom and him broke up and to this day she gets monthly/weekly tekst messages.

  3. None of you understand the type of entity that Dr. Phil is talking to. He resembles a human very closely, but he isn't one. Until you deal with one of them in an intimate setting for a prolonged period of time you won't understand this. It hits you like a ton of bricks in the head. You suddenly realize they are missing something central to what being a human means. They transform before you in a single moment of terrible clarity: not a human, but an empty shell of insidious negativity. A lowly creature, capable of disguising as people.

    As I and everyone I know that has had this "aha" moment, you will really only understand when you encounter one that takes a prominent role in your life.

  4. Can this guy just shut up every word that comes out of dr Phil’s mouth the guy talks a whole damn book. Edit: not dr Phil I’m talking about the other guy

  5. Dr. Phil please call CPS and let them take the children away from these toxic people! That poor boy is going to die in the care of this man that is incapable of showing any kind of selfawareness or ability to change. DAMN this man is exhausting. I need 6 months of sleep after hearing him talk.

  6. At BEST, this man is delusional. He's narcissistic, has a hero complex and refuses to accept responsibility for any fault in any given situation. And yes, the wife is an enabler.

  7. I might just be a random youtuber, and I don’t know a lot of things, but one thing I do kno is that I wanna hurt this man.

  8. He's a jealous and selfish man. Not a father or husband. He only cares about being right. Sooo irritating and frustrating.

  9. All of these kids should be pulled from this home now. This guy is a narcissist. Know one when I see one. Was with one for 8 years. They suffer with NPD and it's a brain disorder. This guy was being called out by Dr. Phil and therefore was defending his way of behaving. They like to think they are always right. They always play the victim. Their whole life is about 'me, me, me'. I did this, wasn't I good. I did that, pat me on the back. It is never ending attention and praise that they are looking for. They screw with your mind and mess you up and many victims are left to go crazy, no heard, they turn to drugs and alcohol to deaden the pain. His son, is a clear example of the abuse that he's gone through with this person and maybe even the mother too, by neglecting him. I hope, Dr. Phil reports these two and these kids are pulled out of this home. Let these two non-humans fight it out between them and leave the kids out of it.

  10. He has some serious problems. When your whole family doesn't like you it's time to look in the mirror. I can't believe his family has anything to do with him.

  11. Dr.Phil: "what most people dont know is you have a 9 year old at home"
    Him: "yup, WHOS NEVER BEEN TOUCHED EVER" looks around nervously

  12. What a pathetic excuse for a man. Notice how he's always looking down and avoiding eye contact with Dr Phil? Deep down I think he's ashamed of himself. His arrogance is just a way to cover up his insecurities.

  13. This LOSER is sooo infuriating. I can not fathom being around that “man” for one minute. He’s one excuse after the next.

  14. This is possibly the dumbest, most unaware, frustrating guest Dr. Phil has ever had….. if his brain was removed and replaced with a rock i’m convinced his denial is so engrained that the only thing that would change would be slurred speech.

  15. This guy doesn’t deserve to be a husband or a father! He’s a broken record . I hope the kids find peace and happiness and the son gets the help he needs. His wife enabled the abuse. I hope they will all be okay.

  16. You can tell how truly insecure he is, as Doctor Phil said. Notice how he leans away from Dr.Phil, almost trying to shrink into himself andnnot being able to hold eye contact whatsoever. This man has been insecure his whole life and takes it out on the people around him. Gross

  17. I feel like Dr Phil can normally get through to people, but this guy seems so far gone past being able to connect with that I think Dr Phil is at wit's end. The mother and him need to split up and the children need to go live with a family member who is responsible. The son needs to go to rehab and they should all cut ties with that sorry state of a father.

  18. We look to Philip for guidance and you steer us down the road of more drama. Fame and fortune the most intoxicating of drugs. Philip is an addict.

  19. Wow, just wow. I would love to witness someone like that guy become self aware and realize how they are acting, admit that they were wrong (and really mean it) and become a better person. Can anyone show me that person. I have never seen a narcissist like him learn and grow. Is this fixable? Maybe years of meditation?

  20. DR. Phil: you gotta stop being a right fighter… you ever get tired of hearing yourself talk
    Jim: … No because I’m right!!!
    Like bro did you miss the first part of the convo?!?!?

  21. The father should go through one of those escape the room experiences except this time he gets put through the same abuse he put his wife and kids through for 6 months.

  22. That guy is such a narcissist idiot. He doesn’t even know how dumb he is. He’s got so much mental ego chatter going on he can’t see outside of himself for even a second. They all need to stop talking to him forever.

  23. He points out he has another child whom he can prevent from putting thru the same things I put the 16 year old thru an instead of acknowledging that he says "yes and he has never been touched" wtf he doesn't care about anything but being right

  24. Deep down there's a like minded Jim in everyone… seeing it from this outside perspective really helped grasp the errors and mistakes I make in my life and make me want to do better. As negative as he is this video, he is a learning tool of what we inspire NOT TO BE.

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